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In 2015, I focused on creating a new piece of art every day, giving myself free reign to explore a variety of styles and media. 
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Jill Austen
“I find inspiration for painting in traditional subjects – landscape, seascape, still life, floral. Nature is fond of sculptural beauty and unexpected juxtapositions of form and color. I simply strive to interpret those which I find most lyrical. The result of my observations is often quirky and whimsical, always colorful”.

More Art on Display...

Many of Jill’s works in pastel are still on view in the Columbia Law Review Bldg. at Columbia University, 410 West 116th Street New York, NY 10027. For more information call: 212-854-4398
Carnival Foliage, 2013  acrylic, 18"x 20"

Carnival Foliage II, 2013  acrylic, 18"x 20"
Sea Grapes, 2013  mixed media  22" x 30"
Electric Spider Lily, 2013, mixed media, 24"x 24"