Island-o-lo-gy : a Study of Islands
More transparent 
than this water dropping 
through the vine's twined fingers 
my thought stretches a bridge 
from yourself to yourself 
Look at you 
more real than the body you inhabit 
fixed at the center of my mind 
You were born to live on an island
                             - Octavio Paz, Madrigal

In my travels I have learned that every island is unique; like people, each holds its own mysteries. As I engage with the many possibilities of islands beyond the geological, I am pleased to share the ongoing, multidisciplinary exploration 
of Island-o-lo-gy: a Study of Islands.

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Island Albums
​Sunset Cloud Study                                 "Clouds Surround the Islands Like Water, Too"                                    PInk Cloud Study
                                                             Two studies, 4.5" x 9.5", Roche pastels on UArt 280
                                                                  New Providence Island, The Bahamas, 2017
A Gem Among Gems
New Providence Island, The Bahamas, 2017
Point of View: New Providence Island, The Bahamas, 2017