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-Everything is Raw Material and why your life is worth writing about
-Life as Tapestry, a look at the Bayeux Tapestry and the Unicorn Tapestries, drawing your life picture

Sunshine and Shadow: Shining light on the creative subconscious

Workshops for 2019
-First Thoughts, surprising juxtapositions, poetry 
-Right and Left Brain Orientation 
-Still Life Gesture Drawing
-Masks as Self Portraits 
-Carnival Traditions/ Orpheus Legend
-What does Jung have to do with it?  
-Portraits in Pairs, with Music
Apollo or Dionysus? Discover your creative personality traits
-Playing with Pigment, a mini course in pastel painting 
-The Man with the Blue Guitar 
-Singing, Writing and Painting the Blues
Crossing the Lines: Improvisation in art, in life
-Improvisation, having a musical conversation 
-Found Music/Visual Poetry: challenging your sensory perception 
-Improvising Your Life, why does art matter?
All Things Blue: Strumming your own blue guitar
"Safe & fun environment, where play and sharing are encouraged..."
Jill's amazing Creativity Workshops opened both my eyes & ears to the endless cross-pollination between all forms of expression in a safe & fun environment, where play and sharing are encouraged. The workshops immediately affected my own thinking & working processes in unexpected & profound ways. I especially enjoyed the (making) music & (writing) poetry components. Everyone, not only artists, could benefit from & apply [Jill's] unique holistic approach to seeing, feeling, hearing, writing, thinking & making... to "being" creative even in daily life. She offers a deeper, richer & more integrated way of experiencing life in general.
- Corbin Frame, Visual Artist
"Participants with any level of experience... would enjoy and value [this] class..."
I appreciated the way Jill’s workshop drew on her extensive knowledge of, and experiences in, music,
writing, and visual arts. The inter-connectedness was a great way to stimulate creativity and exploration,
and Jill fostered an atmosphere that was at once both playful and thoughtful, yet not at all intimidating.
I think participants with any level of experience with the arts—from absolute beginner to practicing
artists—would enjoy and value Jill’s class.
--Risa Schneider, Collage Artist, Elementary School Visual Arts Teacher, NYC
"Jill Austen is a Master Teacher..."
A Total Surprise! The Creativity Workshops took me places that I’d never been before from a creative standpoint. The “found music” activity was my absolute favorite! It was a fun activity that encouraged participants to find and hear music through heightened awareness of their surroundings. The supportive atmosphere gave me the confidence to speak out and share information that was very personal, which allowed me to explore new directions in my own artwork. Jill Austen is a Master Teacher – the fact that she was able to conduct the classes without extensive notes, but drawing upon her breadth of knowledge, allowed her to flex with the class and the direction it went to derive the most creativity from the participants. Quite an experience! I look forward to more! 

- John Van Means, Visual Artist, Screenwriter, Fashion Designer
Compost as Metaphor: Introduction to your creative self
​ Exploring Creativity through the Arts:      music, visual arts and poetry
Topics of the five unique workshops are detailed below:
Below is an example of an exercise often used in visual arts which I use in exploring creativity. It can adapted and applied to other art forms.

                               The 10-minute painting activity

One of the ways to shift your creative perception from the detailed, literal mode to the holistic, impressionistic mode is to use the element of time. By working quickly you only have time to capture the essence of a subject, not the details. Each of the small pastels pictured here were painted in ten minutes. (pastel on paper, 3.25" x 5.5")

"You rocked!" The room became 
a laboratory - it was intense, it was gentle. I had the best time ever and I thank you "mil fois'.
             -Golda Solomon, Jazz Jaunts
                           Blue Door Art Center