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Musings, Thoughts, and Creativity Matters

Celebrating 100 days of making art!

by Jill Austen on 04/10/15

The 365 Series has already been an amazing journey. In those early days of January the number 100 seemed unimaginable and the commitment often seemed unrealistic, but here we are.

1. I want to thank the numerous people who have offered support in so many ways. Truly you help keep me inspired.

2. I anticipated that the 365 Series would be a wide-ranging artistic experiment, but even I am surprised by what shows up on the paper some days!

3. I work faster now, meaning, I make artistic decisions and solve artistic puzzles more quickly and confidently.

4. I have learned to really trust the process, and give up the need to completely control the outcome. Each piece has a story, and I need to allow that story to come through. I am just the facilitator.

5. Research, study and observation is a much bigger component to art making than most people realize.

6. Art makes me happy! Cheers to the next 265 days!

Jill Austen Bio
performances and exhibits throughout the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. Teaching opportunities have taken her to Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the College of the Bahamas in Nassau. Her inner vagabond is happy to call New York City home. Jill's poetry was first published in Leaf Garden Press in 2009, and more recently in About Place Journal, Mom Egg Review and Blue Door Quarterly. A Comfort of Hummingbirds, her first poetry chapbook awaits publication.

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Jill Austen lives a multidisciplinary life, embracing creativity through music, art and poetry. To this end she has created Austen Academy, offering a series of integrated arts workshops which explore individuality and the creative process. Jill holds degrees in music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and the University of Minnesota, where she also studied visual arts and art history. She is a juried associate member of the Pastel Society of America. As both flutist and visual artist she has enjoyed residencies,